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Thermal transfer film, popular new type of heat transfer process of medium materials
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Now a lot of people are tired of the gray and white walls, lifeless and lifeless, like to buy some new type of ceramic tile for furniture decoration. In fact, a lot of furniture is used in many thermal transfer film making. Thermal transfer film, thermal transfer process actually a dielectric material. It USES a few broad, let me talk to you about today to introduce this amazing material.

This machine is mainly in the process of thermal transfer, make the protective layer and pattern layer separation from the polyester substrate, the clever use of the combination of heat and pressure, make the hot melt adhesive to make the entire adornment layer and the substrate together very well. This machine is also printed on the lining paper by polyethylene film wood grain adornment layer, using factors such as temperature and pressure should be applied to the heat transfer foil, and then transferred to the surface of man-made board or furniture parts above, make elegant decorative furniture. In addition, these printing with exquisite design furniture don't have to worry about its quality problem, because this machine has good adhesiveness between them, as a result, these furniture surface not only wear resistant, heat resistant, resistant to light, and, on the design decorative pattern design, pure and fresh and generous, a variety of forms, color difference is lesser, extensive use and furniture decoration and design.

Also, thermal transfer film of thermal transfer film products application field is also very much, much more in our normal life wood plastic door plank, medium and high density board ambry door plank, euro-style model and use, etc., in conjunction with the thermal transfer film texture clear, lifelike, of these products for a long time use is not easy to corrode, using life is longer, and mothproof mildew, in colour respect, can also customize according to individual demand, rich colors, elements of the decoration products have their own personality, more to reflect their own style.

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