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This machine in a big breakthrough in the packing decoration printing
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In the traditional packaging and printing, electrochemical aluminum hot stamping is a very important post-press processing. Mainly stamping design, text, line to highlight the product name, trademark, sign, beautification products, so as to improve the level of packaging products.

Electrochemical aluminum hot stamping is often used for hardcover, book covers, greeting CARDS, calendars and other products post-press processing. Electrochemical aluminum hot stamping process is as follows: by hot plate electrochemical aluminum heat, stripping layer melt, then glue adhesion layer also melt, when stamping glue stick adhesive layer and substrates, coloring layer break with polyester slice of grassroots, aluminized layer and coloring layers on substrates. Packaging decoration electrochemical aluminum can not only play the role of beautification products, improve the grade of products, but also play a security role.

But, in the process of hot stamping printing before and after, there will be such as hot stamping color and printing color matching, and after hot stamping processing and the impact on the hot stamping, hot stamping on the large area field should also consider the design of stamping parts and printing paper receiving overprint precision problem, the influence of the hot processing after printing and hot before the problem, and the choice of stamping equipment and material, especially in very hot after the second printing of existing technology such as electrochemical aluminum printing ink FanLa out problem, make the process stability problem in use process have been difficult to solve.

And our newly developed machine products make printing + electrochemical aluminum hot + (second printing) of the traditional craft in one (or three for one), one-time solve the above problems. Solve the past by several times with printing and hot stamping pattern matching color inaccurate problem, also solved the printing + electrochemical aluminum hot stamping, printing, such a complex process, save manpower and material resources, hot stamping and printing materials, hot stamping equipment, greatly shortens the time of process flow and reduce the production cost, at the same time make the ink film quality has been further improved, make the rich and colorful packaging and printing a simply to be complete, can yet be regarded as packaging and printing industry, a major innovation.

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