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The main material thermal transfer film
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he main material of thermal transfer film, according to the structure of the machine can be divided into: thermal transfer film base film, mold release agent, printing ink, adhesives, such as the main raw material.

1. The adhesive

Thermal transfer with adhesive for hot melt adhesive, it is colorless transparent or light yellow viscous liquid, dry film, transparent membranous, the surface has good mold release agent and ink composite fastness and excellent flexibility, good resistance to attrition, the media such as water and acid and alkali resistance is strong, wear-resisting performance is good.

The selected manufacturer requirements.

2. The ink

Thermal transfer ink to gravure ink, rely mainly on the volatilization of solvent to dry ink, substrate membrane was determined, according to the purpose of the print and the nature of the substrate or select the appropriate ink. According to the requirements of construction of single check ink fineness, viscosity, hue, adhesion and other indicators, to see if all accord with the requirement of printing quality of the ink.

3. The mold release agent

Mold release agent is a kind of mold, film and adhesive properties of the transparent resin of low viscosity, because the mold release agent in the solvent evaporation speed faster, so in the process of transfer printing, attention should be paid to control the viscosity, which control the solid content of the mold release agent, solid content is generally controlled at about 23%, if the solid content lower than 19%, after the mold release agent of thermal transfer film transfer printing effect is not ideal. At the same time pay attention to the transparency of mold release agent, or it will affect the effect of the printing layer.

4. The base material film

Carrier has a variety of thermal transfer film, the most widely used is a PET, it has good dimensional stability, uniform tension, heat effect is good, good sex of mold characteristics. Especially in the case of the images of the original color order has obvious advantages. The specifications of the film, such as width, thickness size and brand

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