A Breakthrough of Heat Transfer Film in Packaging and Hot Printing

2019-07-27 16:59:00 admin 286

In the traditional packaging printing, electrochemical aluminium stamping is a very important post-printing process. It mainly stamps patterns, words and lines to highlight the product name, trademark, label, beautify the product, so as to improve the quality of packaging products.

Electro-aluminium stamping is also often used in the post-press processing of hardcover books, greeting cards, calendars and other products. The stamping process of electro-aluminium is as follows: electro-aluminium is heated by the stamping plate, the stripping layer melts, and then the adhesive layer melts. When stamping, the adhesive layer bonds with the substrate, the coloring layer separates from the polyester base layer, and the aluminium plating layer and the coloring layer remain. On the substrate, stamping on the package with electrolytic aluminium can not only beautify the product and improve the quality of the product, but also play a certain role in anti-counterfeiting.

However, in the process of hot stamping and printing, there will be such problems as the matching of hot stamping color and printing color, the influence of post-hot stamping processing on hot stamping, the accuracy of overlay printing of hot stamping position and printing pattern, the influence of pre-hot printing and post-hot stamping processing, and the selection of hot stamping equipment and equipment. Material problems, especially in secondary printing after ironing, such as electrolytic aluminium being pulled back by printing ink, make the stability of the process difficult to solve.

The newly developed heat transfer film products of our company make the traditional process of printing + electrolytic aluminium stamping + secondary printing unite into one (or three into one), which solves many of the above problems at one time. It also solves the old problem of inaccurate color matching of the previous step stamping pattern, and also solves the complicated problem of printing + electrolytic aluminium stamping + printing. The process saves manpower, material resources, hot stamping and printing raw materials, hot stamping equipment and so on, greatly shortens the process flow and time, reduces production costs, and further improves the quality of heat transfer film, making it possible to simply complete the rich and colorful packaging and printing at one time, which is a heavy burden for the packaging and printing industry. Great innovation.

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