Major Consumables for Thermal Transfer Films

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According to the structure of heat transfer film, the main materials of heat transfer film can be divided into: base film, release agent, ink, adhesives and other main raw materials.

1. Adhesives

The adhesive used for heat transfer printing is hot melt adhesive, which is colorless transparent or light yellow viscous liquid. After drying, the film is transparent. It has excellent composite fastness and excellent flexibility on the surface of the separator and ink. It has strong wear resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and good wear resistance.

The manufacturer requires selection.

2. Ink

Thermal transfer ink belongs to gravure ink. The drying of ink mainly depends on the volatilization of solvent. After the determination of substrate film, the suitable ink should be selected according to the use of printed matter and the nature of printing material or according to the requirements of construction sheet. The fineness, viscosity, color phase and adhesion of ink should be checked to see whether all the ink meets the printing quality. Requirements.

3. Formula release agent

Depositing agent is a transparent resin with low viscosity, which has detachability, film-forming and adhesion. Because the solvent volatilizes quickly, attention should be paid to controlling the viscosity in the process of transfer printing, that is, controlling the solid content of the detaching agent, which is generally controlled at about 23%. If the solid content is less than 19%, the transfer efficiency of the heat transfer film after the detaching agent is controlled. Not ideal. At the same time pay attention to the transparency of the release agent, otherwise it will affect the effect of the printing layer.

4. Substrate film

There are many kinds of carriers for heat transfer film, and the most widely used one is PET. It has the characteristics of good dimensional stability, uniform tension, good heat resistance and good shape separation. Especially in the reproduction of color step manuscripts, it has obvious advantages. The specifications of the film, such as width, thickness, size and grade, are in accordance with the specifications of the film.

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