Difference between PVC sheet floor and PVC coil floor

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What are the differences between PVC sheet and PVC coil, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

PVC flooring can be divided into sheet flooring and coil flooring according to its shape. According to the market sales and development trend, the sales volume of PVC sheet flooring is declining year by year, while the sales volume of PVC coil flooring is increasing year by year, and the PVC coil flooring is becoming more and more popular, becoming the first choice of PVC flooring industry, and also at present. Floor sales hotspot, according to experts predict: in the next 2-3 years, PVC coil floor sales may double growth.

PVC sheet floor

Advantages: simple construction; low requirement of constructors; fast construction speed; low material loss; good stain resistance, wear resistance and antimicrobial resistance of laminated floor with UV treatment layer; easy and changeable laying of individual patterns; good anti-indentation and sound absorption effect of floor; environmental protection without formaldehyde; excellent anti-skid performance of floor; damage capacity of floor Easy to replace; lightweight floor can effectively reduce the bearing capacity of the building; fire protection performance level B1.

Defects: Floor elasticity is not as good as coiled floor; floor seams are more; need regular waxing maintenance; fear of water immersion on the floor surface; poor dimensional stability of floor; poor pollution resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance of homogeneous sheet floor.

Scope of application: Sheet floor is generally suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, corridors, corridors, homes, offices, halls, schools and other places.

PVC coil floor

Advantages: wide range of floor prices; wide range of application; good pollution resistance, acid resistance, maintenance-free; flexible, skid-proof performance; wear-resistant, anti-bacterial, not moth, mildew; good dimensional stability, not affected by temperature and humidity deformation; safety, environmental protection without formaldehyde; sound insulation, noise reduction, feet feel comfortable; Rich patterns, fully meet the needs of individual design; fire protection performance B1; light weight, reduce the load of the building, less floor joints.

Defects: high requirements for construction foundation; fear of cigarette burns; floor damage is not easy to replace.

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