Knowledge of Plastic Flooring

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Plastic floor knowledge:

1. Is plastic floor a green product?

Answer: Plastic flooring is all green environmental protection products. They are all green building materials promoted and used by China Building Material Enterprise Management Association. Many of the indicators have reached or even exceeded the relevant international standards.

2. Plastic flooring looks like floor leather. What's the difference between them?

Answer: Floor leather is a kind of common plastic soft coil, which is not abrasive-proof and can form irreversible indentation and easy to aging and deformation after heavy pressing. Plastic floor is made of natural marble powder and resin bonding, and composite floor is composed of five layers of structure such as wear-resistant layer, which is not deformed after special processing. Anti-aging, anti-bacterial, silent, wear-resistant and other advantages.

3. What is PVC plastic floor? What are the characteristics of PVC plastic floor?

Answer: PVC plastic floor, also known as stone-plastic floor, is made of 80% natural marble powder and 20% resin. The surface is treated by UV. It has the characteristics of pressure resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, delaying aging, water skid resistance, soft texture, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion, easy cleaning, light quality and environmental protection.

4. What are the advantages of plastic floor compared with ceramic tile and stone?

Answer: First of all, ceramic tile and stone are very hard materials, and the surface is smooth, which inevitably causes feet to feel stiff when walking, and water on the ground is very easy to slip and cause injury. Because of the advantages of its own materials, plastic floor has both the firmness of stone and the softness of organic materials, which makes people feel very comfortable when walking. At the same time, it has the characteristics of "more astringent water". Even if falls carelessly, it will not hurt people, especially for the elderly and children's family use.

5. What are the advantages of plastic floor and wood floor?

Answer: Solid wood flooring is expensive, easy to deform after damp, and easy to crack and shrink after air-drying, which makes the seams bigger. At the same time, improper maintenance of wood flooring will cause mildew and moth. Plastic flooring is determined by its composition. It has excellent stability, water resistance, mildew resistance and moth resistance.

6. Is the plastic floor strong and durable?

Answer: First of all, the stone powder content of plastic floor is 80%, which determines the superior pressure resistance of the product. The resin added also makes the product have a certain degree of softness. It will not be smashed like ceramic tiles and stones when impacted by heavy objects. So the resistance is very good. Wear resistance is a matter of great concern to everyone. The surface of plastic floor is coated with UV wear resistance coating. The product wear resistance will be enhanced with the use of time through photochemistry reaction. UV layer absorbs ultraviolet rays, wear resistance and resistance make the floor printing layer will not change color, at the same time greatly slows down the aging progress of products and prolongs the service life.

7. Is it convenient to construct plastic floor?

Answer: Absolutely convenient. Simply clean the ground, you can pave it by yourself. If you don't want to do it by yourself, there will be a professional construction team to pave it for you.

8. Are plastic floors glued? What glue do you use? Is glue harmful to human body?

Answer: It's made of glue. It is recommended that you use the specified adhesive. This kind of glue is water-soluble and safe for human beings. The national environmental protection inspection department has confirmed that it does not contain toxic heavy metals and toxic volatiles.

9. The stone on the market is said to be radioactive. Is there plastic floor?

Answer: Objectively speaking, not all stone materials are radioactive. The brightly colored varieties are radioactive because they may contain "hydrogen". The stone powder used in the plastic floor is made of ordinary mountain stone. Its main component is calcium carbonate, which does not contain radioactive substances. At the same time, the product has passed the national environmental protection inspection department, and does not contain radioactivity.

10. Are plastic floors available in any venue?

Answer: Plastic flooring is widely used. Because of its unique material and strong performance, as well as its convenient paving, fast construction and high safety, it is widely used in various crowded public places such as medical environment, educational environment, office space, Hotel industry, retail industry and light industry departments. Different venues can choose different plastic floors, such as PVC sports floors for sports venues, quartz floors for shopping malls, anti-static floors for factories and so on.

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