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This machine is the handicraft industry the most widely used today
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Thermal transfer film is the textile and garment industry a kind of widely used printing craft, many varieties, are: kirschner perm, flocking hot, flat, convex, the style is different can replace the traditional embroidery and silk screen printing, also has obvious advantage on cost price, hot stamping out the patterns of the surface is smooth, stereo sense is strong, washable, no crack, no fade, overprint accurate, clear handwriting lines, design force's photos, is a kind of transfer printing process, compared with other direct screen printing, use more convenient, only need to put the transfer paper pattern fabric (cloth) by heat transfer surface, and then use pyrograph machine or iron ironing several seconds after the design will transfer printing on objects, convenient and not easy to fall off. Can be used for clothing, decorative and other all kinds of fabrics. Often apply to guanggu shan, t-shirts, bags, hat, apron and other products. Transfer printing product is resistant to sunlight, washable, resistant to dry wet grinding, good color fastness, administrative levels feeling is strong, colourful characteristics.

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