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hot stamping process dielectric materials
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This machine is hot stamping process of a dielectric material. Heat transfer decoration is the disposable heating by thermal transfer film, the decorative pattern on the thermal transfer printing to be decorative building materials on the surface, forming process of high quality act the role of the mask. In the process of thermal transfer, using the combination of heat and pressure protection and pattern layer separation from the polyester substrate, hot melt adhesive to make the entire decoration layer and the substrate permanent agglutination.

By thermal transfer thermal transfer film can be design transfer printing film on metal surface. Color is rich, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, super durability; Can improve such products value-added. Doors and Windows, aluminum, such as security doors, glass, mirror the object surface. It is made of polyethylene film for film, beautifully printed as realistic design adornment layer. Replace paint with ink transfer without any process after one-time complete decoration. Indoor decoration, furniture, cabinets, curtain wall glass, etc. Can replace real wood veneer and stickers, thermal transfer film transfer printing directly on the floor.

Using thermal transfer technology, even if is the image of a variety of color, due to thermal transfer operation is just a process, so the customer can shorten the printing work of design, reduce the material loss caused by thermal transfer equipment printing mistakes. Using this machine printing multicolor pattern can be a mapping, need not tinted, even if only some simple equipment can also be printed vivid pattern, in this way, will greatly improve its scope of application and implementation transfer operation.

As consumers to product packaging, coating, the scale of demand is higher and higher, thermal transfer equipment maker is to pay attention to product packaging, and produce all aspects of the competition is inevitable. Water transfer printing, accordingly, assume the packing appearance of one of the important role. From daily necessities to office supplies, household decoration, car industry, etc., even depend on the transfer printing the special process. Compared with the current fashion, the mainstream of water transfer printing, thermal transfer technology what are the advantages and disadvantages? In particular, the production of water transfer printing is more flexible and convenient, is not subject to the limitation of object area, shape, usually do not need special tools and equipment, so the applicable scope is more extensive, production costs are lower than the thermal transfer, very suitable for home users and small workshops, fashion ornaments shop.

Is a commonly used in our thermal transfer thermal transfer paper material, generally can be divided into ordinary thermal transfer paper and t-shirts paper, due to the particularity of thermal transfer paper, doesn't know a lot of friends should choose which one to print. Today, we'll share with you, how to distinguish between positive and negative thermal transfer paper.

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