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Heat transfer film is the medium material of heat transfer process

Issuing time:2021-08-21 17:22

Heat transfer film is a kind of medium material in heat transfer process. The process of heat transfer printing is to transfer the decorative patterns on the surface of the decorative materials onto the surface of the decorative building materials by heating the heat transfer film once. In the process of heat transfer printing, the combined action of heat and pressure is used to separate the protective layer and pattern layer from the polyester substrate, and the hot-melt adhesive makes the whole decorative layer permanently bonded with the substrate.

The heat transfer film can transfer the transfer film pattern on the surface of metal materials through the heat transfer process. Rich colors, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and super durability; Can increase the added value of such products. Doors and windows, aluminum profiles, anti-theft doors, glass, mirror objects and other surfaces. It is made of polyethylene film as the base film and printed exquisite and realistic patterns as the decorative layer. Heat transfer is used to replace painting. After transfer, all decoration is completed at one time without any process. Interior decoration, furniture, cabinet glass, curtain wall glass, etc. Instead of solid wood skin and stickers, the heat transfer film can be directly transferred on the floor.

Using heat transfer technology, even for patterns of multiple colors, since heat transfer is only a process, customers can shorten the work of printing patterns and reduce material loss caused by printing errors of heat transfer equipment. Using thermal transfer film printing, multi-color patterns can be mapped at one time without color registration. Even with some simple equipment, realistic patterns can be printed. In this way, its application range and transfer operation can be greatly improved.

As consumers have higher and higher requirements for product packaging, coating and grade, manufacturers of heat transfer equipment also pay more and more attention to product packaging, and competition in all aspects is inevitable. Therefore, water transfer printing plays an important role in packaging appearance. From daily necessities to office appliances, even home decoration and automobile industry, they all rely on the special process of transfer printing. Compared with the current fashion and mainstream water transfer printing, what are the advantages and disadvantages of heat transfer technology? Specifically, the production of water transfer printing is more flexible and convenient, not limited by the area and shape of objects, and usually does not need special tools and equipment, so its scope of application is wider, and the production cost is lower than that of heat transfer printing. It is very suitable for family users, small workshops and fashion jewelry stores.

Heat transfer paper is a commonly used consumable in our heat transfer. It is generally divided into ordinary heat transfer paper and T-shirt paper. Due to the particularity of heat transfer paper, many friends can't tell which side to choose to print. Today, let's share with you how to distinguish the front and back of heat transfer paper.

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