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Outdoor plastic playground

Issuing time:2021-08-21 17:20

Outdoor plastic activity site:

1. With good elasticity and shock absorption, it has the reputation of "rubber carpet".

2. Good hydrophobicity, water permeability, air permeability, no ponding on the surface, and anti-skid performance.

3. Solid and thick, strong compression resistance, good wear resistance, insulation and anti-static, with good safety protection performance.

4. Non toxic, odorless, sound insulation, heat preservation and convenient cleaning.

5. Anti aging, with good anti-oxidation and anti ultraviolet properties, it can meet long-term outdoor use.

6. It has certain health care function and soft elasticity, which can eliminate fatigue when walking and give people a sense of comfort

Comfortable and relaxed feeling.

7. With rich colors and diverse patterns, it can fully reflect the imagination and artistic creation space of the kindergarten.

8. Affordable.

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