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Hello everyone!

Since its establishment in 2005, Zhejiang Yiwu Dingsheng Printing Co., Ltd. has been following the purpose of "serving customers sincerely and wholeheartedly". In my opinion, it is to put oneself in the shoes of customers and consciously safeguard their interests; to spare no effort to create wealth for the society, to do one's best for the country and to contribute to the society; to let employees grow up and realize their self-worth. With this purpose, we stand out in the fierce market competition and win the recognition of society and the trust of customers. Seven years of storms and hardships, seven years of hard work, prosperity has been well received by new and old customers. On behalf of Dingsheng Company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all levels of leaders, colleagues and friends from all walks of life who have given us care, support and love over the years.

We will be self-restrained, self-improvement, take the lead, and strive to be the model and pioneer of the industry. On the basis of developing traditional industries, we should expand the scale of operation, constantly improve ourselves, innovate and forge ahead, enhance the competitiveness and risk resistance of enterprises, and enhance the visibility and reputation of enterprises. We are determined and confident; we have the ability and perseverance to use our wisdom and hard work to promote the rapid and healthy development of enterprises and to add bricks and tiles to the economic construction of our motherland. We firmly believe that with the support and care of friends from all walks of life, Dingsheng's future development will be able to give full play to its great wisdom and courage. With the unique enterprise spirit of "self-improvement, moral support" and the enterprise concept of "promoting Chinese printing, people-oriented, serving customers, contributing to society and benefiting workers", we will surely create a prosperous, more brilliant and more brilliant tomorrow.


Phone: 13957929011

Num: 0579-85773218/85773232

Fax: 0579-85773318


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Add: No. 71 Xiangyi Road, Gutang Industrial Zone, Yiting Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China

Add: No. 71 Xiangyi Road, Gutang Industrial Zone, Yiting Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China

Phone: 13957929011  Fax: 0579-85773318

Num: 0579-85773218/85773232  

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